Raw Cashew Nuts in Shell or Raw Cashews or Cashew Seed is Naturally available item from Cashew tree, grown in India, African Countries, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.

"Cashew" has been derived from the Portuguese name and "caju" that has come from the Indian-Tupi name "acaju". Form a long time, Cashew Nuts along with the other tree nuts considered to be an essential source of nutrients. Nuts are nutrients filled seeds that directly enhance the development of human body and life. Cashew Nut Kernels contains around 47% fat, 21% protein, 5.9% moisture, 0.45% phosphorus, 22% carbohydrates, 5% iron, .05% calcium for every 100 gm.

  Raw Cashew Nut
  Origin / Specifications Nigeria Benin
  Out Turn (lbs/80kg bag) 48 to 45 49 to 46
  Nut Count (Nut/Kg) 205 180
  Moisture (%) 10 10
  Defective (%) 12 12